Bluetooth Music Receiver


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1 Wired to wireless, turn ordinary speakers into wireless Bluetooth speakers.
2 It can be paired with Bluetooth mobile phone, Bluetooth computer to realize wireless speaker.
3 Listen to music, watch movies, and play games to enjoy the shocking effect.
4 Easy to use.
1. Power supply mode: USB power supply
2. Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.0 and EDR specification
3. Output mode: 3.5mm audio interface
4. Receiving distance: 10m barrier – free
5. Standard accessories: audio data cable
6. Sound output sampling rate: 44.1KHZ and 48KHZ
One is connected to the speaker
In the first way, the speaker does not have a USB interface.
Plug the Bluetooth flash drive into a charger with a 5VUSB interface and connect the audio cable to the AUX port
The second way, the speaker has a USB interface
Plug the Bluetooth flash drive directly into the speaker USB port and connect the audio cable to the AUX port
Second pairing
1. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone ( or computer ), search for the surrounding Bluetooth device, find a device named PT – 810 in the search result, match it and match it with the pairing password is 0000.


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