Encore 2.4GHz Wireless Antenna Booster (9dBi)


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This high gain wireless antenna is designed to increase the signal strength for all WiFi device in all directions. It greatly boosts your wireless signal coverage, improving the performance and distance of your wireless networking or wireless audio video devices
This powerful dipole antenna has a whopping 20 dB of gain and it is one of the most powerful omni-directional dipole antenna available
By attaching this powerful antenna to your wireless AV transmitter, wireless receiver, wireless router, Access Point or network adapter, it instantly enhance the coverage area for your wireless networking or wireless audio video devices
This antenna works with all Wi-Fi devices with detachable antennas and RP-SMA connectors
Silver-plated RP-RP-SMA connection for excellent conductivity with a solid link to the wireless or Wi-Fi device
Featured with omni-directional design to concentrate the coverage of your wireless or Wi-Fi signal in all directions for maximum range and performance in 360-dgree radius
This strong antenna is featured with super high gain of 20 dB and 15-inch long.


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