Fishbone Headset Wrap


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* 1X Headset Smart Wrap, Black Fishbone
* Fits comfortably in your pocket, purse, or backpack
* An ingenious solution to the problems of wrapping your
headphones around your music player or fastening them with Velcro
or a twist tie
* To use:
* Snap bottom end of cord into one end of the smart wrap.
* Wrap the cord around the fishes body groove, until cord is at
desired length.
* Snap the other end of the cord into the other end of the smart
* Very simple to use and durable
* Made of soft, dust-repelling silicone – will never damage your
cord or get it dirty
* Keep your cables tangle-free and just the right length!
* Color: Black
* Suggested Applications: All headsets compatible with iPod® and


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