Forza HT-750LCD Line Interactive UPS 750VA/360W 2-USB 50/60Hz


Interactive UPS with coaxial protection and USB charging ports 750VA/375W

The Forza HT series is a line interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) designed to provide clean power to your office equipment, electronics and home theater components along with an enhanced level of protection. It prevents performance degradation and data loss by keeping your valuable equipment powered during outages and other voltage fluctuations in the power line. By integrating a convenient LCD display, coaxial surge protection and battery backup capabilities in a single unit, the HT series emerges as the best in its class for its performance, quality and compact footprint. It comes in 750VA and 1000VA configurations.


  • UPS with line interactive topology
  • Convenient LCD displays real time status information
  • Network/phone protection
  • Coaxial line protection
  • Twelve (12) NEMA 5-15 outlets, two of which are widely spaced to accommodate bulky adapters
  • Six (6) outlets with AVR and battery backup, plus six (6) surge-only outlets
  • Two 2.1-amp USB charging protected ports on top panel
  • Easily removable/replaceable battery
  • Ideal for home and office applications

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