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VERSATILITY: What if you could change your wallet every day? Forget about choosing either the money clip or strap version. You don’t know which suites you best? Use either one of the clip, strap, simple or all in versions. Each can hold 1-15 cards
SLIM, STYLISH AND FASHIONABLE: Use our products as fashion items. They don’t just do a great job simplifying your lifestyle, but they also look and feel great while doing so. The perfect crafting guarantees no card damage while using our card holder
RFID BLOCKING WIRELESS THEFT: Keep your personal information and credit cards away from thieves’ scanners and insure your private property safety. Made of special Aviation Aluminum, our wallets are designed to keep your private information safe.
KEY ORGANIZER: Full Carbon Fiber ultralight Compact Key Holder with extension kit includes 2 large, 2 small screws and extra 10 spacers, can hold up to 18 keys. Anti-Loosening washers are added to the screws to prevent unwanted loosening over time.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND ADAPTIVE: From a simple walk to a marathon run, from the bottom of the ocean to the highest mountain ridge, no matter the age, workplace, sex, or race, in suits or shorts, your MouZies will be supporting you to take your next step


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