USB Skype Diverter


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Feature 1: While you are out• Forward all incoming skype calls to your mobile phone automatically (local PSTN phone fee)
•Forward incoming skype call to any phone if divert number is not setup (local PSTN phone fee)
•Forward the PSTN call to skype, you can make calls to skype contacts and make calls to any
phone all over the world via skypeout by your mobile phone (local PSTN phone fee + skypeout fee)

Feature 2: While you are near PC

• Make/Receive both VoIP calls and regular PSTN calls
• Auto-detection and auto-switch to VoIP or PSTN calls
• Phone rings for all incoming VoIP and PSTN calls
• VoIP or PSTN calls selected by phone key (*)
• Dial using the phone keypads
• PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone, Phone to Phone operation

• Also compatible with other PC-based softphone applications, such as  Skype, X-Lite, X-Pro or eyeBeam, MSN,  VoipBuster,  Voiceserve, VoipStunt, VoIPCheap, VoipDiscount ,Net2phone, Nortel ,  Some Driver Built-in USBPhone hardware.

• No external power required
• USB and PSTN line LED indicator
• Driver and sound card built-in


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